Off Duty Adventures

Over the past several months, I have had the great fortune of working across the globe and spending extended periods living overseas. Now, as I unpack my suitcase and prepare to take a respite from this exhilarating yet exhausting lifestyle, I am reflecting on all of the experiences I've had and the friendships I've made.

Looking back, I can confidently say that my favorite adventure abroad was my month in Mexico City. Despite the lack of gas, electricity, and other amenities during various points in my stay, the charm of the Mexican culture and the company with whom I shared it made the trip a continuous source of unforgettable memories.

On my last day, I traveled with friends/roomies/fellow models Madison, Taylor, and Caroline to Los Piramides de Teotihuacan, where we spent the day climbing ancient Meso-American ruins and enjoying coconut treats from local merchants. 

Below are a few mementos from this treasured day.

Climbing the pyramids was one of those things that looks impossible from the get go, but as soon as you reach that last step, you get an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.
— Madison (left)